CHILLOUTS a fairy tale, but true story

The Company "arthouse"

  • was founded 1998 in an old trashy garage somewhere in Bavaria/South Germany. The first years we were wholesalers for fashion accessories, until we decided to go our own way.

    In 2003 the first "CHILLOUTS" Head Gear collection was born: Bandits, CocoCaps, Flex- and Trucker Caps for summer and a nice Beanie collection for winter season. The reaction was overwhelming, so we decided to do the next step. A new building (big, beautiful and warm even in winter!) gave us good vibrations to create more and more product lines.
  • At the moment we offer about 250 different winter styles and a brand new top stylish summer collection. And now as we write the year 2012, we spread our wings all over europe with individual local distributions and - this is not the end of the story! By the way: Take a look at the mothership:

    We have some more special, trendy, stylish products, some basic stuff and our advert-products.
    Eli Assoulin
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    Also in 2013 we´re exhibitor at the ISPO in Munich.Visit us at our booth and enjoy...  read »