The Company “arthouse”…

was founded 1998 in an old trashy garage somewhere in Bavaria/South Germany. The first years we were wholesalers for fashion accessories, until we decided to go our own way.

In 2003 the first “chillouts” Head Gear collection was born: Bandits, CocoCaps, Flex- and Trucker Caps for summer and a nice Beanie collection for winter season. The reaction was overwhelming, so we decided to do the next step. A new building (big, beautiful and warm even in winter!) gave us good vibrations to create more and more product lines.

At the moment we offer about 250 different winter styles and a brand new top stylish summer collection for everyone. We are your perfect partner for your All-Year Headwear and will provide you with new and trendy hats, caps and many more two times a year!

We have spread our wings all over europe – find your store here!

It all begins in your head!